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Lesson 13 Final Video Project, “The Trial of Paris” Final update.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Lesson 13 Final Video Project, “The Trail of Paris” Final update.

Production and Postproduction Status Report on my video “The Trial of Paris”.

This was a busy week filming and editing my video.

Here is the YouTube Link for my final video:

First, I took over 2500 individual photographs of all the silhouettes of all my character for my story. I used my IPHONE 12 to take these photographs. I started filming my story on Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020 and on Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020 I started post-production on my story.

Second, I cleaned up all 2500 photograph in Adobe Lightroom and ensured each had a clear image. I had difficulty uploading my 2500 TIFF photographs into Adobe Premiere Pro. After a telecon with my Instructor, Professor Edgar Endress, I converted my photographs to JPEG files.

Third, I uploaded my photographs into Adobe Photoshop and created a cloudy heavenly background for my first half of my video and a pastoral background for my second half of my video.

Fourth, I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create my “Title Cards”. In PowerPoint, I saved the title cards into JPEGs and imported them into Adobe Premiere Pro.

Fifth, after editing my video timeline, I started to work on sound effects and music. I used copyright free sound effects from Bensound (Royalty Free Music - Bensound ) and Epidemic Sound (

This is a long and very detailed process to match the right sound effect and music to the video timeline.

Sixth, I spent over eight hours refining my video, its scene transitions, sound to video to produce this four-minute video, “The Trial of Paris”.

I learned many lessons producing and directing this video. It is important to have a solid concept on what you want to say with your video. My concept was “Use your mind, not your heart, when making important decisions”. Next one needs to storyboard the entire video to get the concept and visuals on paper. This helps with photographing your images and the transitions and pacing of the video. Taking 2500 photographs on your home-made animation table is a slow and laborious process. Next one needs an excellent software like Adobe Lightroom to import and to do general clean up and maintenance of your individual photographs.

Adobe Photoshop is the key to add color and background to your videos. This software is very powerful to create the look one wants in their video.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the software that puts together all your photographs, title cards, sound effect, and music. This software is also very powerful and is extremely capable in creating outstanding video.

Finally, one needs to share their final cut video with fellow students, instructors, friends, neighbors, and strangers to get the important notes and critiques. A director like myself can get “to close” to a video project and the constructive notes help the director to improve their video.

This animation project was extremely challenging, that said, I learned so much. Also, I realized I have so much more to learn to create excellent video art.

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