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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch:  Photographing images to understand this world.

Personal Brand: “Record Everyone's Life Story”


What are your Values - what do you and your business stand for and promote?  

 I want to showcase individual lives and personalities through pictures and short videos.


Describe my professional voice. 

 Life has taught me that individuals come from very diverse backgrounds and each has a unique story.  I want to document their stories with my photographs and short videos.  


Millions of military personnel, veterans, and their spouses are “unsung heroes” who live and work in the United States.  


Their individual personal stories need to be told and documented.  I want to use my photography and modern social media skills to get their stories out to the world.  I believe the more we know each other, the stronger our diverse community will become. 


 Every life is important!!!  All lives have meaning.  Individuals need to document it and show it the world. I want to document individual lives through photographs and short videos and show them to the world.


 I plan to drive 20K miles around the US and Canada taking photographs of veterans, their spouses,  and military monuments.

I will use black and white large and small format cameras and high-speed color digital cameras to document everyday life with the gift of photographic arts.    


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