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Anti-Racism Statement

I explicitly reject white supremacy and racism and am committed to equity, justice, and democracy in society.  No matter the name or label, anti-Black and anti-Semitic, and racist thought and action are antithetical to my life mission and values as an artist.  I condemn the divisive and intimidating tactics of white supremacist views.


I recognize that systemic racism is pervasive within our society and institutions, and pledge to combat it through receiving critical feedback on how I can be more inclusive and being more self-aware of my privileged identities.  As an artist, I am committed to fostering a world where everyone can live without the chilling effects of bigoted views.


I am determined to uphold these values, which states that, “I hold myself to the highest ethical standards as a professional and artists,” and thus am committed to creating a culture of excellence, inclusion, and accessibility.


I welcome all members of our extended world community regardless of their race, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, sexual identity, gender identity, socioeconomic status, political or institutional affiliation, and ability, and am fully dedicated to promoting a diversity of voices.


I recognize that there is still much self- and systemic work to be done to make the world a safe and hospitable to all and I am committed to continuing to do that work for the rest of my life.

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