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Week #6, Proposal and Final Cut Video for Obstruction#2

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Proposal for Obstruction#2

Sketch of what your Obstruction#2 will look like.

I titled my video “Military vs. Monster”. This will be a 6:00 minutes video of men, military machines, vs a monster.

The attached You Tube video should complete my assignment for Obstruction # 2

Video Proposal


This video is a metaphor. The military cannot be used to solve all of the world's problems. Giant monsters (Climate Change, poverty, hunger, and inequality) cannot be destroyed by bullets and military might. By using the wrong tools (here, the Green Army) the world will not solve its most pressing problems and it will end in disaster.

The video is in three parts.

Part I.

The Green Army lands on a small remote island in an uncharted part of the Pacific Ocean. They land on the island beach and start moving in military equipment. There is noise and hurried activity. As Soldiers start climbing up the sole mountain on the island, they discover a large lizard creature who stands on two feet. This monster sees the military force and is scared and unhappy.

Figure 1: The Green Army scaling the remote island mountain

Part II.

The Green Army sees the creature and climbs up the mountain to attack it. They get the upper hand on the creature and tries to stab it to death. The creature calls out in pain. Unbeknownst to the Soldiers, a second and much larger lizard creature climbs up behind the Green Army and it attacks. A battle ensues, and the Soldiers on top of the mountain are defeated.

Figure 2: Green Army attacks the Monster on top of the island mountain.

Part III.

The lizard creatures move down from the mountaintop and destroy the invading Green Army and its war machines. A major battle ensues, and the entire Green Army is destroyed. The two giant lizard creatures climb back up the mountain and plant their Monster flag in victory. The final shot of the video is a slow pan of the death and destruction of the Green Army.

Figure 3: Final battle between two Monsters and the Green Army

Address how you will use sound and what experience you want your audience to have.

I want to express the sound and fury of a military battle. Video can never replicate the noise, panic, destruction, smell, and terror of a military battle. I used the best techniques I know to simulate an experience fighting on the modern battlefield.

Here is a short list of the numerous sounds I used to make this video.

1. Bullet through wet grass

2. Chewing

3. Crowd noises

4. Crunching Metal

5. Drums

6. Explosions

7. Foot Stomping

8. Monster Screams

9. Gun Fire

10. Human Screams

11. Military Machines Noises

12. Monster Snarls

Music was the foundation and the most important part of my video. I used the following copyright free music from and .

  1. ES_Army of Darkness - Eoin Mantell

  2. ES_Battle of Wills - Jon Bjork

  3. ES_Night at the Cemetery - Etienne Roussel

  4. ES_So It Has Begun - Experia

  5. ES_The Siege of Kalameth - Jon Bjork

Editing technique or how you plan to process the images and why.

I am new to video editing. I used the following editing techniques to create this video.

None of my 93 video clips were longer than five seconds. The reason why I did that was to give movement to the Green Army and the two monsters in my video.

1. Close ups

2. Extreme closeups

3. Slow tracking shots

4. Split screen

5. Cross Dissolves Transitions

6. Dip to Black Transitions

7. Dip to White Transitions

I processed all my video images in SL Kodak to give my video a bright Kodak picture quality.

I want to state that this short video from planning, building sets, video shooting, video editing, sound mixing, and video reshoots took over thirty hours to make. I learned much from making this video.

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