FORMAL ANALYSIS – Week –12 - Intro Obst 3 16 November 2020 Week 12 Progress Report “The Judgement

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

FORMAL ANALYSIS – Week –12 - Intro Obst 3 16 November 2020

Week 12 Progress Report “The Judgement of Paris”

I continue to work on my Final Video Project “The Judgement of Paris”. I plan to take the classic Ancient Greek myth and modernize it and transform it into Lotte Reiniger’s animation style.

My animation will pay tribute to her and I will use several of her creative processes, techniques, content, narrative, and character style to tell my story.

I also will copy her animation workstation and soft backgrounds to give life to my animated character.

My tale will have a strong moral like many of Ms. Reiniger’s animated stories.

I am also attaching my storyboards like Terry Gilliam taught us in his animation video.

I plan to follow this animation sequence to create my animated stories.

In the video, “Terry Gilliam Monty Python animations”, he explains his animation process and he explain the step-by-step how to animate with cut outs.

a. Story Board your animated - Done

b. Take two photographs of story characters

c. Cut out the body of the photograph character

d. Blacken the edges of all your cutout

e. Add Sky and background to your story

f. Put each of your cutout characters in their own envelope

g. Have two strong lights over your cutouts

h. Padding under your cut out foundation

i. Have a transparent timeline and have a clear marked sequence of your animation, so you can carefully move your characters.

j. Large clear plexiglass over the top of your photographs and move your characters small space at a time.

k. Take your photographs

This project is complex and very challenging. I am using most of my spare study time to producing a short animated film.

Here is the story board for my animated video, "Judgement of Paris".

Here are photographs of the Animation Table and equipment I am going to use to make this video.

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