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FORMAL ANALYSIS – Week 4 – 14 September 2020 Voice Over

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

FORMAL ANALYSIS – Week 4 – 14 September 2020 Voice Over

1. "What do you see?"

Voice Over a short film by Martin Rosete. Voice Over is a visually stunning short film from Spain, which appears to have had a budget to die for. It presents three different extreme situations, where the voiceover is actually very similar, with a man having only a few minutes to live unless he achieves something.

The Gunfighter – (voice by Nick Offerman) is a 2014 short film directed by Eric Kissack. A twist on the Western genre, the film concerns a group of people in a saloon who, in an act of breaking the fourth wall, can hear the narrator of the film.

Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist. It is a 2014 Swedish science fiction short film created by the digital artist and animator Erik Wernquist. The film depicts actual locations in the Solar System being investigated by human explorers, aided by hypothetical space technology.

Luis is the 2nd short video of the series Lucía, Luis y el lobo (Lucía, Luis and the Wolf), it is a follow-up to the short video Lucía. The video was shot frame by frame with a digital photo camera.

Maybe One Day - This film conveys a sense of life and experience, extreme and heightened feelings as well as pensive and quiet moments. It is reminiscence, a visual diary, and a document of a day. This is achieved through the journey of one man.

Losers - A short film from director Everynone about the harm caused by bullying.

2. "How did the artist do it?"

All the Artist use the straight on POV to record their subjects. That said, the voice over moved the narrative in each film. The most unique use of voice over was the “Gunfighter”. The characters in the short film react to the narrator’s voice over. It pushes the story forward to a natural conclusion. Also, I thought, guns and knowing everyone internal thoughts is a deadly combination.

3. "Why did the artist create it and what does it mean”

All these artists want to use the voice over to enhance the narrative of their films and to give each film a point of view. Each of these were made up of many strong visual images. The most powerful voice over was Carl Sagan’s in the short film, Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist. Mr. Sagan voice over really pushed the narrative and gave the short film a sense of wonder and hope for the future.

4. Is it a good artwork? Yes, this is good artwork because it gets it message across to whoever views it. The viewer walks away with more knowledge than they had before. Either the viewer was entertained, awed by the pure spectacle, saddened by the power of bullying over the teenage youth, or they gained insight into the human condition as found in the short film, Voice Over a short film by Martin Rosete.