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GMU AVT 497, Senior Project Blog

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Blog entry Here is my event Blog to document my Senior Project.

01 Mach 2021 Progress Report

Photograph contact Sheet

03 March 2021 Contact Sheet b
Download PDF • 4.73MB

03 March 2021 Contact Sheet a
Download PDF • 4.87MB

03 March 2021 Contact Sheet color b
Download PDF • 1.74MB

03 March 2021 Contact Sheet color a
Download PDF • 1.77MB

Sample Color and B & W Photograph

03 February 2021

Senior Project Mentor Letter and Proposal

Professor Carrier,

I am taking Professor Sue Wrbican, Senior Project Class for Spring 2021.

Professor Wrbican stated every student needs a mentor to review their progress of their Senior Project.


I hope you will find the time to accept to be my Senior Project mentor for the Spring 2021.


As you know I am a photography major and I have discussed and receive approval on my Senior Project from Professor Wrbican.

My senior project is called “A Day in a Life.”

I want to follow the format we did back in Spring 2020 Darkroom II course using “Species of Spaces / Especes d’espaces (1974) by Pierre Getzler.

I plan to break my Senior Project into three parts:

PART One (Photographs) I am looking take over 1500 individual digital photographs) using all the knowledge I acquired over the last four years.

“A Day in a Life” outline

a. Wake up

b. Personal Work Out

c. Breakfast

d. Getting Dressed

e. Shopping

f. Lunch

g. Gardening

h. Visiting Neighbors

i. Cocktails/Cordials

j. Cooking the Dinner Meal

k. Dinner

l. Nightly activities

m. Preparing for bed

n. Sleep

Part Two (“A Day in a Life Digital Book)

This book will have 15 – 20 of my best photographs with an individual narrative on the opposite page of the photographs)

Part Three (2 – 5 Minute short video on my senior project, narrated by myself.)

Professor Wrbican stated I will only need your professional guidance four times during the semester.

I was hoping to use your office hours on Wednesday from 12:00 – 2:00 PM for these mentoring sessions.

I promise to have a .pdf of my photograph or You Tube Link for my video progress email to you two days before our meeting.

Also, I plan to upload my progress on my webpage under the title “Senior Project” to give you time to review my progress before our formal progress meetings:

Home | JosephFThompson Blog (

Draft Calendar and meeting talking points.

I was hoping to schedule the following time 12:00 Noon – 12:15 PM for the following days this semester to review my progress on my Senior Project:

1> First meeting: 12:00 Noon – 12:15 PM, Wednesday, 03 Feb 2021, I plan to have a detail calendar and program management outline on how I plan to execute this project

2> Second meeting: 12:00 Noon – 12:15 PM, Wednesday, 03 Mar 2021, I have plan to have taken my photographs and have put them into a digital collection of my best 36 photographs

3> Third meeting: 12:00 Noon – 12:15 PM, Wednesday, 31 Mar 2021, I will have a draft digital notebook (.PDF file) for your review with artist statement, photographs, and narrative.

4> Fourth and final 12:00 Noon – 12:15 PM, Wednesday, 21 April 2021, I plan to have the final narrative video on You Tube and my webpage for your review.

10 February 2021, Joseph Thompson Senior Project Spreadsheet Calendar

Joseph Thompson Senior Project Spreadshe
Download • 14KB

17 February 2021 - Draft Day in a Life first video

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