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World Travels 2023 - 2024, 01 July 2024, Rome, Italy - 10 July 2024, Barcelona.

Barcelona & Picasso - 10 July 2024


As a world traveler, I had the incredible opportunity to explore Barcelona's rich art history on a captivating half-day tour. The journey began as I ventured through the city's architectural gems, marveling at the intricate designs that adorned the streets. With a knowledgeable guide by my side, I strolled past the famous Passeig de Gracia avenue, taking in the sights and sounds of this vibrant city.

Ancient Roman Barcelona and city streets


One of the highlights of the tour was visiting the renowned Picasso Museum, where I was able to immerse myself in the impressive collection of cubist works by the famous Spanish artist. The museum housed over 3,500 pieces, each telling a unique story of Picasso's artistic journey.


Artwork from Picasso early life in Barcelona

Our journey then led us to the historic Gothic Quarter, where we wandered through the charming streets and visited the magnificent 13th-century Barcelona Cathedral.


The blend of history and artistry in this district was truly captivating, transporting me back in time to a bygone era.

Overall, my experience exploring Barcelona's art history was nothing short of magical. From the architectural wonders to the masterpieces housed in the Picasso Museum, every moment was filled with wonder and inspiration. Barcelona's rich cultural heritage truly shone through, leaving a lasting impression on this world traveler.




City of Barcelona- Small Group - 9 July 2024


As a world traveler, I was fortunate to embark on a journey through Barcelona's iconic landmarks in the company of an intimate group, cruising comfortably aboard a motor coach.


The adventure began with a leisurely drive through the old Gothic Quarter, where the ancient stones whispered tales of centuries past, setting the stage for the wonders that awaited.

Our knowledgeable guide led us on a captivating tour of the city, offering insights into Barcelona's rich history and vibrant culture.


We marveled at the majestic 13th-century La Seu cathedral in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, its spires reaching skyward in a testament to Gothic grandeur. Also, the Pop Art on many walls of the Gothic quarter.


But it was the sight of Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia basilica, that truly took my breath away.


The soaring Gothic spires and intricate facades of this Roman Catholic Basilica stood as a testament to Gaudi's genius, a harmonious blend of art, architecture, and spirituality that transcended time and space.


Ascending Montjuic Hill, we arrived at the Mirador del Alcalde gardens, where panoramic vistas of Barcelona unfolded before us in all their splendor.


The city sprawled below, a tapestry of colors and shapes, while the Mediterranean Sea shimmered in the distance, a beacon of serenity amidst the urban bustle.

From the exquisite beauty of the Sagrada Familia to the historic charm of the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona's landmarks left an indelible mark on my soul.


The city's vibrant spirit, artistic legacy, and scenic wonders combined to create a tapestry of experiences that will forever hold a special place in my heart.




North Coast & Wine Tasting - 8 July 2024


As a world traveler, I had the pleasure of exploring the scenic north coast of Mallorca, a breathtaking 40-mile stretch of lime rock cliffs that have stood as a protective barrier against coastal winds and invaders for centuries.

My half-day tour was a journey through history and natural beauty, beginning with a visit to Son Marroig, the former residence of Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria.


Stepping into Son Marroig felt like stepping back in time, surrounded by countless works of art and lush gardens that whispered tales of a bygone era. The late 19th to early 20th-century architecture exuded elegance and grandeur, offering a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the Archduke.


Next, I embarked on a scenic drive to Macia Batle in Santa Maria, a renowned winery where I had the opportunity to taste Mallorcan wines and learn about the art of grape harvesting. The flavors of the wines danced on my palate, each sip a celebration of Mallorca's rich viticultural heritage.


As I sampled the world-famous Mallorcan wines at Macia Batle, accompanied by typical products of the Balearic Islands, I felt a deep connection to the land and its people.

Each sip was a toast to Mallorca's vibrant culture and rich heritage, a moment of pure delight that lingered on my taste buds and in my memories long after the tour had ended.


My journey through Mallorca's north coast was a symphony of history, nature, and gastronomy, a harmonious blend of past and present that left me enchanted and longing to explore more of this beautiful island.



Discover the Best of Provence - 7 July 2024


As a world traveler, I had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the idyllic charms, vibrant cultures, and historic legacy of Provence during a full-day tour of three French jewels.


My journey began in Marseille's Old Port, a town steeped in maritime history and ancient Phocean trading roots. The view from Garde Hill was breathtaking, with the iconic Notre-Dame de la Garde church standing tall, adorned with Roman-Byzantine accents and a striking Virgin Mary statue atop its bell tower.

Next, I ventured to the medieval village of Le Castellet, perched on a cliff and exuding Provencal charm.


Wandering through the wisteria-laced stone walls, I was captivated by the quaint squares and old houses that seemed frozen in time.