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World Travels 2023 - 2024, 20 June 2024, Ravenna, Italy - 01 July 2024, Rome, Italy.

Easy Exploration of Pompeii and Naples - 30 June 2024


As a world traveler eager to delve into the rich history of ancient civilizations, my exploration of Pompeii and Naples was an unforgettable journey through time.


Port of Naples

First, we visit a the Apa Torre De Greco jewelry store that reproduces ancient roman jewelry and artwork.

Next, we were led by an English-speaking guide, I embarked on a four-hour tour that promised to unravel the mysteries of an ancient Roman city buried under the ashes of Mount Vesuvius' catastrophic eruption.

The tour began with a route that wound through the ruins of Pompeii, a city frozen in time by the volcanic ash that covered it over centuries ago.

Entrance to Pompeii


Walking along the paved path, I could almost hear the echoes of daily life in Pompeii before the fateful eruption in 79 AD.


The city forum, bustling with residents shopping in the markets, and the grand temples where they gathered for worship, painted a vivid picture of Pompeii's vibrant past.

Ancient Pompeii main street


Admiring the well-preserved frescoes adorning the walls of mansions and the Roman-style baths where the elite once sought relaxation, I marveled at the sophistication of this ancient civilization.


Frescoes adorning the walls of mansions

Basic household items found in homes in Pompeii


As the tour drew to a close, the guide recounted the harrowing tale of Mount Vesuvius' devastating eruption, which blanketed the region in molten ash and sulfuric gas.


Viewing the preserved bones of animals and humans, along with other remnants of Pompeii's once-thriving Roman settlement, I couldn't help but feel a profound sense of awe and reverence for the resilience of the ancient inhabitants in the face of such a catastrophic event.


My exploration of Pompeii and Naples was a journey of discovery and reflection, offering a glimpse into the past that continues to resonate with me long after the tour ended.


The history and beauty of these ancient sites have left an indelible mark on my travels, reminding me of the enduring legacy of those who came before us.

Wine Tasting in Pupillo - 29 June 2024


As a world traveler with a penchant for exploring the hidden gems of the world, my journey to the Pupillo Winery in Sicily was a truly remarkable experience that left a lasting impression on me.


My bus ride to Pupillo Winery

Nestled amidst the picturesque Sicilian landscape, the winery exuded an air of elegance and history that immediately captivated my senses.


The Pupillo Winery, founded in 1908 by the esteemed Baron Antonino Pupillo, stands as a testament to the rich winemaking traditions of Sicily.


Stepping onto the estate, I was transported back in time, surrounded by the rustic charm of the historic buildings and the lush vineyards that stretched as far as the eye could see.


It was evident from the moment I arrived that this was a place where passion and dedication to the craft of winemaking thrived.


The tour of the estate and cellar was a journey through time, as I learned about the meticulous process of winemaking that has been passed down through generations at Pupillo Winery.


From the careful selection of grapes to the delicate aging process in oak barrels, every step was a labor of love that resulted in the exquisite wines that the winery is renowned for.


But it was during the tasting experience that I truly felt the magic of Pupillo Winery come alive. Sampling the winery's varietals was a sensory delight, with each sip revealing a unique blend of flavors and aromas that danced on my palate.


The Muscat of Syracuse, with its floral notes and subtle sweetness, was a true standout, showcasing the distinct terroir of Sicily.


The Sicilian specialties served alongside the wines added an extra layer of indulgence, perfectly complementing the bold flavors of the varietals.


And then there was Solacium, the crown jewel of Pupillo Winery. This famous white wine, considered the winery's best, was a revelation in a glass.


With its vibrant acidity, crisp minerality, and hints of tropical fruits, Solacium was a true expression of Sicily's winemaking excellence.


Each sip was a journey through the sun-drenched vineyards and sea-kissed breezes of this enchanting island.


Leaving Pupillo Winery, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for having experienced such a magical place. The passion and dedication of the winemakers shone through in every bottle, reminding me of the beauty that can be found in a simple glass of wine.


Sicily's winemaking heritage is a treasure trove waiting to be explored, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to immerse myself in its splendor at Pupillo Winery.


Malta’s War Time History - 28 June 2024


Embarking on a journey through Malta's wartime history, I am transported back in time to explore the stories of resilience, bravery, and sacrifice that have shaped this remarkable island nation.


Malta Harbor

My first stop is at Fort St. Elmo, a magnificent 16th-century fortress that stands as a symbol of Malta's defiance against Ottoman forces.


Today, the fort houses a national war museum, offering a glimpse into 7,000 years of Maltese military history.


As I wander through the museum, I am captivated by the array of artifacts on display, from the ancient military armor of the Order of St. John and the Ottoman Turks to the iconic Gloster Sea Gladiator N5520 "Faith," a testament to Malta's valiant defense during World War II.


The exhibits vividly portray the struggles and triumphs of the past, immersing me in the island's turbulent wartime experiences.

Malta Modern war Collection


Continuing my historical odyssey, I make my way to Mosta to visit the awe-inspiring Mosta Dome, a Roman Catholic parish church renowned for its monumental unsupported dome and neoclassical architecture.


The church's bomb shelter serves as a poignant reminder of the devastation wrought during World War II, evoking a sense of solemn reflection on the island's wartime legacy.


To conclude my day of exploration, I am treated to savory and sweet Maltese snacks at a traditional house, where I indulge in local delicacies and refreshing beverages.


The flavors of Malta come alive as I savor each bite, savoring the culinary delights that complement the rich tapestry of the island's history.